Module 5: The Ongoing Revolution

Well, it’s here: my Squared journey has reached an end. But it’s just a pitstop really. No one’s stopping this digital revolution baby. And i’ll continue to learn where digital has been, where it’s at and where the heck this crazy road is going.

(Although perhaps where we’re going we don’t need roads *dons wrap-around silver shades, boards DeLorean*.)

And that’s what this last module has been primarily about: what we have learnt about the past, present and future for digital.

For our final assignment we were challenged with creating an infographic. An infographic centered on the past *looks over shoulder*, present *stares out the window* and future *finds tea leaves* of digital marketing for an assigned vertical industry sector. Ours? FMCGs.

For any infographic research is fundamental. Without finding the right white papers, analysis and stats the infographic would be sans info. You’d be left with a baron page, or perhaps a lonely image of a Coke can with no numbers to give it any meaning. Just a graphic. A lonely graphic.

So you need to find your biggest spade, dig deep into the internet and pull out some rubble bytes. When you clean the rubble, find those bones that reveal a story and bung ’em on display. How do they look? Can people understand what the story is trying to convey?

It’s that word again: story. It crops up a lot in marketing, and digital is no exception. Humans learn and make sense of the world via stories, so it makes sense to apply this in marketing messages. A good infographic should tell a story through data and graphics that enables the end user to absorb more detailed information in one glance than they would if it was presented in pages of dull text.

Here’s our group’s infographic:

Infographic: FMCGs Digital Disruption

Infographic: FMCGs Digital Disruption


If you’re looking to create your own infographic but don’t have access to Photoshop, or the right side of your brain, try these free infographic design software tools:



3. (they also offer instant infographics based on your site’s Google Analytics data, try it out, it’s free and very useful)



Now the Squared journey is over I will continue to use this blog to report on findings on all things digital marketing. My mission is to help people enhance their business’s online presence.

Illuminate the needle, remember?





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