Module 4: Think Optimised

“Let’s get analytical, analytical. I wanna get analytical. Let’s get into analytical,” sang Olivia-Newton John. Of course she didn’t. She wanted to get physical; but Squared students this month may well have been singing this (I know I was), as we were getting to grips with Google Analytics (GA).

The buzzword this month has been data. Data, data, data. Eating data till we’re blue in the face, or at least until we can make sense of it. And that was the key thing we learnt: you have lots of data and your fingertips, but you need to make sense of the data, provide an insight into how it can make marketing communications effective.

So the mission this module was to analyse the Squared website’s traffic data via GA, and produce a report that provided insight into how Squared can improve their digital marketing. Pretty crafty, eh?

To mix things up we were assigned a new group to work in, so i bade farewell to my old team mates and got acquainted with the new crew. Via Google Hangouts, of course. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to them, Hangouts that is.

To help us fulfill the brief we were provided with instructional videos to show us how to use GA. The videos covered several areas of reporting and were narrated by GA specialist Gilli Goodman. She provided an overview of the software, and showed us several of the reporting features such as: location analytics, traffic sources, mobile reporting, AdWords analytics, and multi-channel analytics.

We had five questions to cover for the report, taking into account the data point (the actual data), insights (what we gleaned from the data) and recommendations (improvements they could make from our insights). The five areas we covered, and actions we recommended, came from mobile report, traffic source, location report, conversion report and AdWords report analysis.

To break up the tasks we decided to split off into pairs to report on a question each. In my pair, we grabbed our bowls, filled them with mobile data from GA, and stuffed our faces till we found insights into how Squared can improve their mobile marketing (which includes mobile phones and tablet devices). The amount of information can be overwhelming, but after digesting it for a while you find trends that show how improvements to the user journey and desired conversions can be made.

Once we conducted our initial research we fed back our findings to the team and gave our thoughts on each other’s work. We then took on board suggestions made and honed the report accordingly. Now the report is with Squared and we play the waiting game. Of course we have the next, and final (!), module to start on before we find that out.

Also this module, we had a glimpse into what’s in store for the final part of the course, and were signposted to some interesting talks. Simon Rogers, formerly of the Guardian and now data editor at Twitter, took us through data journalism; how it works and how it’s changed with digital development, and we had an intriguing talk from Google’s “analytics evangelist”, Avinash Kaushik.

See Avinash in action:


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