My Squared Online journey begins

I’ve just begun a new online course that is developed with Google, powered by the Home Learning College and Endorsed by the IPA. It’s a certificate in digital marketing and features lectures from key figures from the digital marketing industry.

This is the first time I’ve studied from home using my laptop, accessing live lectures via Adobe Connect. I’m a few lectures in and although the virtual learning environment was strange at first I like the way in which it’s delivered (and that I can sit in my onesie while in class).

So far I’ve enjoyed talks from Mike Berry, Aiden Carroll, Antony Damianos, Niel Perkin, and Andy Sandoz . They’ve got me thinking about the history of tech, contemporary marketing practices and thrilling future developments.

Squared Online

I currently work for a charity and produce content for their offline and online products, ie a nationally printed magazine, website, social media accounts, email campaigns and advertising. A large part of my role is generating content ideas for the magazine and site and sourcing unpaid contributors.

My background is in journalism and I have experience of marketing through work, and want to apply my expertise in these areas to create digital content that people love, can engage with and want to share.

I’m primarily interested in content marketing and working with brands to develop their online presence – that’s why I called this blog illuminate the needle: I want to help businesses illuminate their digital needle hidden in the giant web-shaped haystack.

I hope the Squared course will help sharpen my knowledge in this ever-evolving digital field, extend my professional network and expose me to new ideas that will help me progress in my career. I also hope to make some buddies too.

For those reading this that are interested in learning more about the course, here’s the 2013 brochure [pdf].